Fabio Scagliola

Software Architect. Musician as Nothence. Avid horror and science fiction reader and occasional writer.

About me

Since 1998 I have been working as a freelance on the design and development of enterprise software solutions for international organizations.

I have also specialized in data science, big data analytics, machine learning, and simulation.

Over the years I have been leading teams of 15-20 members including firmware engineers, software engineers, data scientists, and project managers.

I am a big fan of agile project management, SCRUM in particular, as well as continuous integration and continuous delivery.

I have developed strong communication and presentation skills working as a speaker, conference presenter, classroom and e-learning instructor, and author.

I am a musician, I have released four albums in my career so far as Nothence, and an avid science fiction and horror reader, in these very genres I publish weird stories on my blog.

I am bilingual, Italian and English, and I speak French, German, and Spanish.